Thanks to our unique experience in residential/commercial cleaning and our concern for efficiency, we have been able to set up a reliable, and affordable system. 


  • Responsible teams that provide consistent cleanliness
  • A flexible and personalized cleaning schedule
  • Superior quality work always
  • No need to look for a new contractor for your household


  • Competitive prices
  • Your space is your budget, pay only for what you need
  • Flexible plans for small offices, retail stores, medical clinics and larger areas


  • All members of the team are carefully selected
  • Criminal background checks are done prior to engaging with any franchisee or employee
  • Teams in uniform
  • Guaranteed and insured, compliant with CSST and CPEEP

Well-trained and certified owner-operators in commercial/residential cleaning

Why choose us? Eco-friendly cleaning, efficient disinfection processes, great customer service, operators with an interest in their business, a proven system, the latest technologies, a high customer retention rate as well as our competitive rates and promotions. Here at Ménage Dexter, we give our customers considerable importance whatever the state of the premises to maintain. “Safety and measurable processes make a difference”

Do you have a question for our team ?

(514) 886-7738  or  1 (888) 333-6086